I’d like to do a bit of a PSA.

Do NOT under any circumstances use Behr Deckover.  

In the past, you may have seen me singing the praise of Behr paints.  My entire house is painted in Behr paints.   I had been using them exclusively for over 15 years.  So when I was ready to work on our deck, that was my go-to brand.

We have an older wood deck.  We decided to reface it by using Behr Deckover.  The product boasts beautiful before and after pictures.  We appeared to have the prime candidate deck for a wonderful transformation.

We prepped as we were supposed to.  We own our own power washer so that made things rather easy.

The product itself is difficult to apply as it is thick and gluey but we made it work and it worked well, so we thought.  The result did make the deck look nice.

HOWEVER, within six months, this is what we had.

I hear you saying well that’s because this is a high traffic area, right?  Wrong…. even the top of the railing…

Our deck was ruined!  Notice, however, the cheap white fence paint we used on the railings stayed on just fine.  Imagine that?  The cheap fence paint does what it is supposed to do while the expensive Behr Deckover product falls apart.  I’m thinking the product itself cannot withstand the extreme heat and extreme cold here in Maryland, but in that case, they should not be selling it here.

We finally decided to redo the deck.  This would require removing all of the Deckover product.  This is not easy.  I power washed three times and sanded three times on not one but THREE DECKS – upper deck, lower deck, and pool deck.   It was a horrible experience.  Imagine for days upon days working so hard – backbreaking work…. so incredibly difficult – alternating between power washing and sanding, just to get this result.  The actual deck wood is ruined.


I read up on stains and decided to use a semi transparent type of stain.  While it’s not perfect, it is holding up a lot better than Deckover did.  Our deck is now “acceptable” and “rustic” but I’m still steaming about the claims of Deckover and what it actually did to our deck.  I spoke with someone from the company last year, and it’s not like they are going to replace our deck for us.  They told me to simply sand it down.  No…. that didn’t work.



On a COMPLETELY different side note…. let’s talk compromise….

When one likes to decorate with pretty lanterns and rusty flowers….

and the other likes to decorate with flying pigs and rusty bitey things…

Why not have both?  This is how you make a marriage work.  😉