DIY Christmas Trees from Tomato Cages

I am not one to decorate big for the holidays.  I hate clutter.  I’m a less is more type of person.  I see all these people that decorate every room, etc., and while it looks lovely, storing it would drive me crazy.  So simple it is.

tomato cagesThis year, I have been focusing on updating my front porch in general, but in the process, decided I wanted to add some Christmas decor.   It’s pointless to make a big scene out here in the country with lots of Christmas lights, so I wanted something easy to put up and take down.   I really wanted two skinny trees on either side of my door that I could add some small lights to.  Just a nice little entrance-way to say “yes, it’s Christmas – I did make an effort” but not go overboard.

Those skinny trees can cost up to $400.  Not kidding.  Wow.  I couldn’t believe some of the prices I was seeing for the 4 foot ones.

I looked around, discovered I had a lot of leftover pine garland from one year, bought a couple more pieces inexpensively, and grabbed two tomato cages from my garden and two tall flower pots from my deck.

Well, it’s simple… I turned the cage upside down and started wrapping.  Why have I not done this years ago?  Not sure lol!  I put a fresh coat of black chalk paint on my flower pots.

christmas decor on a budgetI did want to add just a tiny little something.  I bought a little pip garland.  I love subtle things like this.

tomato cage christmas treeI simply took a little and wrapped it around.  That way, while it is daylight, the little red pips go with the wreath.  Also, any leftover can really be used anywhere…

I did have pictures of the wrapping process – wrapping the garland around the tomato cages but I cannot locate them at the moment.  All I did was push the tomato cages wires together to make the top, and wrapped the garland.  I could have used wire to secure the garland on even better but the garland is made of wire, and I wrapped as needed with the garland itself.  It’s secure but also easy to take apart if I don’t want to store it together.

So this is simple and may not be as perfect as the $400 trees, but this serves its purpose for the few weeks it is up, and then I can use the money saved for something else – like brand new benches for the front porch which I will share in another post as that was another project 😉

fairy lightsLastly, I attached some fairy lights.  I have been very much into fairy lights lately.  I have no idea why.  I loved these fairy lights because they are the perfect size for these trees and come with a remote.  Very very simple.

I had one dilemma this year.  With the new rescue cats being young, the Christmas tree!  As you can see here, Batman loves the tree.  I was unable to put up glass ornaments and tinsel is always out of the question because they will ingest it.  That pip garland also works well on the tree.   If the cats chew it, it’s not going to be cat christmas treelike ribbon in their intestines and they are very unlikely to swallow it.

I used some burgundy pip garland on the tree but it comes in many different colors.pip garland

Again, subtle is my favorite. Speaking of subtle, check out this great rusted wire and mercury glass garland I also bought for the tree this year. I LOVE this and think I need to get some more and put it everywhere. It’s so delicate yet rustic.  Buy it here.bead garland

It’s small but perfect for what I wanted.