All right – it’s the new year.  Happy New Year everyone!

I have some goals this year but I won’t be sharing them until they happen only because once I discuss the exact goals, the novelty wears off, and I feel it is better to keep them private.  I can say I plan to share a lot more… stuff… on the ongoing quest to balance work and life.

This week, I’ve been battling vertigo still… which is very frustrating but it is what it is.  I started cleaning out the storage in my basement as I go through each room once every six months and reorganize and get rid of waste or unnecessary items (I hate clutter!)  I had two projects that I just HAD to get done.  NOW.  They were taking up space.

trunk makeover One was this toy chest of Dean’s from when he was little.

It’s heavy.  I believe it is cedar.  Many years ago, two legs broke off.  Because they were nowhere to be found and the legs attached to moldings, I gave up the idea of restoring an antique piece and instead, I wanted to repurpose and make it my style.

toy chest trunk makeoverI started by removing the remaining two legs.  Sadly, this is how it looked removing them.  There was no easier way.

Next was the process of sanding it down.  My belt sander is awesome… took less than 10 minutes.

sanding restoration

I knew I was going to paint this little strip I placed at the bottom so I didn’t worry about the wood matching….bun feet

….and I attached the bun feet that I purchased.

cedar chest repair

Penny approves 😉

chalk paintWhen I paint, I play.  I took some chalk paint – black, brown, and cream, and swirled them around with some water.  I wanted to put a wash over the wood to get rid of the reddish tone (I know, those who love cedar just screamed in pain… so sorry!)

chalk paint washI then painted the strip of wood at the bottom and the bun feet a grayish brown.   This would have made an amazing colored accent piece but I didn’t have a specific room I wanted to use it in so felt it was better to stay neutral.  Heck, I can always paint it again in the future, right?

furniture-makeoverI finished by rubbing it down with clear wax.  Typically I  use a clear polyurethane for pieces that are used more often, but I don’t have any plans for this one  yet.   I love the textures within.  This was very easy to do and who doesn’t need more storage!