This is the second part of my project week.  The first part involved the small laundry room which was sort of practice for this larger project.  I have always wanted a big square barnwood table and built in benches with storage in my breakfast area.  I have been thinking about it for years but figured it would be a very difficult project.  By the time I finished this up, I found myself repeating….


Here’s a before/after and then I will go onto details.

before and afterkitchen table makeoverI decided I wanted to reuse material I already had.  I took the heavy tabletop off and shortened two sides to create a square.

repurpose kitchen tableI attached a better “base” to work with.

kitchen makeoverAttached the wood and cut down the sides to make sure all planks were even.

gray stainThen sanded with a belt sander and applied Minwax gray stain.  The table was complete.


kitchen table barnwoodNext, I framed the benches.


built in benchesI used a composite type of thin board to line the bottom of the storage area

and used finishing nails to fasten wainscoting panel to the front as I wanted to match the walls.

build kitchen storage benchFrom there, I took the old table top and cut it right down the middle.  I sanded these down and attached with hinges to additional boards that I cut to size.  It is very important to have this area behind the hinges or the storage top will not lean against the wall and will fall back down.


Lastly, I  added the floor moulding, caulked all crevices, painted, and stained the tops.

built in banquette

countertop stool

Oh but wait, now my countertop stools no longer match!

countertop stool makeoverWell that’s not a problem.  I removed the tops, cut a plank of wood to size, and then sanded and stained/painted, and you can see the results below.


build your own table I will be replacing the pillows and the light fixture in the future, but again, thrilled with the result.  I have plenty of kitchen storage now for those things that are necessary but not used often.  (oh, and I need to put a second coating of paint on the countertop stools)