I have spent the past week away from the TV and only appearing on social media to share on progress of some projects….. After I finished, I started reading what was being circulated and the amount of negativity circulating was astounding.  I’m not talking about simply a complaint or two or three, I’m talking about constant negativity and division every minute of the day.  We seriously need less *talking* and more *doing* in this country.

I encourage others to start thinking about what you want to do – whether it be something big or something small, whether it be in your home, for your family, for yourself, or heck, even for the world….  be a doer, not just a talker.

Let go of negativity and immerse yourself in something that makes you happy.

That said, I’m going to post two recent projects that tie into each other…

Laundry Area

A quick before/after and then I will give details….


diy barn wood table topI absolutely hated this area.  I had originally put in an Ikea countertop and those bins underneath but even when all the products were put away and the recycling bin was empty, it still looked awful, old, etc., and this is an area that is directly across from our powder room that is frequently used by guests.

When I decided to do this project, I had in the back of my head that I really wanted to make a new kitchen table top, so this could be a great way to practice, so this project had to be done first.

ikea hack laundry

I purchased a 36x30x24 plain white cabinet base from Ikea and assembled.  After that, I bought some wood from Home Depot, screwing the planks into a piece of sanded plywood for the countertop.


I sanded with a belt sander and then used Minwax gray stain, and applied a coat or two until I liked the results.






After that, I took the plain white fronts on upper (already there) and lower cabinets, and used Liquid Nail to glue plain thin wood moulding to the fronts, and then painted and added hardware.


castors laundryI also added castors to the bottom so that when we have to clean out the dryer vent or work on the washer, it is super easy to slide right out and roll down the hall.

diy pull out hamperNext, I fixed hinges to the bottom of the cabinet door fronts and attached the old laundry sorter frames inside.  This allows the fronts to be pulled out and laundry accessed.

small space laundry makeoverA few more finishing touches such as adding wainscoting panel behind and a shelf, and it all came together.  It’s such a small area but made a huge impact.  I absolutely love the result.   If you are interested in seeing the barnwood kitchen table and built in benches that I just completed that tie into this – click here.