(partially taken from old blog 2016)

Around two years ago, after over 10 years of being a full-time photographer, I announced I was heading back into “corporate America” as an accountant and then later on, a controller. Photography became secondary and part-time.   I left my position, I moved photography back to the primary focus.

I think I like this change. I decided this morning, to pick up the camera again for myself.  Something I missed greatly was shooting my surroundings, the every day….  If you follow My Instagram, you may have seen a lot of photos  – but guess what?  They were from my cell phone.  I haven’t actually picked up a “good” camera for me in a long time.

For the past two and a half years, my mornings started with racing around getting ready for work and then commuting.   It’s such a stark contrast between what is happening now.  Don’t get me wrong, it was nice having the steady paycheck, paid time off, etc. and there is comfort in that routine as well.  Now, my schedule is all over the place once again.  Every day brings something new whether it be a photo shoot or time to build new feed bins or fix the fence or move some compost.

Sleeping in for me is maybe 7 a.m., but usually I am up before then.  I can’t get my morning coffee quick enough….

day in the life

I went from heels to muckboots daily.

And everyone is already anticipating my arrival.

horses small acreage

I put the grain buckets together in the feed room.  We feed pelleted sweet feed (two of our horses are seniors) mixed with timothy and/or alfalfa pellets, a hand full of calf manna (this makes a huge difference in our horses’ coats which you can see they are growing their winter coats now), and any supplements – for instance, Stormy is on joint supplements.

…and there is always someone waiting at the door when I open it.  This is apparently the highlight of their day 😉  It’s very funny to watch how horses eat.  No Brakes here gets so excited and impatient but as soon as he dumps his nose in, he throws his head up and savors his feed.

While they eat (I like to stick around to make sure that fat Pixie doesn’t steal No Brakes’ feed), I scoop up the night’s manure and place it into our composting bins.

and then check their water and clear any fallen leaves out.  We did have a problem with squirrels drowning until Erynn brilliantly came up with tying a lead rope to the nearest fence post and letting it dangle in the water so the squirrels could climb back out.  Nothing like finding your 3-year-old horse playing with a dead squirrel.

and then fill up their hay racks with fresh hay….

After that, I either run to a photo shoot or sit down for some editing or web design.  I’m really excited to start our exercise ring this coming spring as I’d love to take some time a few days a week exercising the horses here.