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I tried to garden a few years back.  I grew up with parents that lived not too far from Baltimore City, and they had a beautiful 1/3-acre garden.  We had tomatoescoming out of our ears and my mother would spend her summer days canning every kind of pickle you can imagine.

I personally thought well, if they did it, I can do it.  So I tried.  We bought a fancy tiller and chose a spot and got to work.  I failed miserably.  I became bored of it.  Heck, I didn’t even water it, why did I think it would grow?

Since bringing the horses onto our small property, I decided to revisit the idea of gardening.  Wow, what a difference.  I actually paid attention to what I was doing and you know what?  It’s not hard to garden at all!  I start most everything from seed.

I’m lazy and love efficiency so the better things run themselves, the least bit of work I have to do.  I still work hard, don’t get me wrong, but whereever I can cut corners, I do.  These are my articles and first hand accounts of gardening in small spaces and utilizing what I have to create farm to table meals.  It has been a wonderful experience.  There is something very fulfilling about creating and growing your own food.

Scroll down fro the articles/blog posts, I will keep some recomendations here for some basic gardening essentials.

Early Garden Planning

Vegetable Garden Planning for 2018 Time for garden planning!  It has been a little bit warmer the past few days and I am itching to move my compost from the bins behind the barn to my garden beds.  Last year, the garden was amazing with simply using composted horse...

Perennial Seeds

Perennial Seed Harvest So adding to the typical busy season, it's busy at home as well!  Perennial Seeds!  So much to do for the end of the growing season.  I am just about finished harvesting some flower seeds.  While I am all about perennials, I have some areas  I...

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