Managing Horses on Small Property

Horses on a little over two acres, sustainability and keeping it all organized, efficient, and running well.

Horse Keeping on Small Acreage

We are not new to horse ownership and have had horses for over 10  years; however, we always boarded them locally.   When the industry I worked in began to sink, I was looking for ways to cut costs and live simply.   We only have just over two acres and live in an agriculturally zoned area.  Tight fit?  Absolutely, but we were willing to put the hard work in to make it work.

I won’t kid you, it is a lot of working, but it is very rewarding.   From controlling erosion to composting and growing vegetables from the manure our horses produce, we work every day to keep it all organized, clean, and sustainable on a budget.   These articles address issues and problem solving from angry neighbors to managing grass as a crop to vetting ourselves. 

If you  have followed us since the live video feed of Pixie’s Birth, we will be updating on Pixie here!

Horsekeeping on Small Acreage

From a blog post from 2016 (moved from old blog) I have a series that I am beginning..... after 10 years of boarding our horses, we have now moved them home.... something that was a dream of mine, but I never thought we had enough room and never thought it would be a...

Snow & Horses

Horses and Blanketing We live in an area that has some extreme temperatures.  We have gone up as high as over 100 degrees F to having a wind chill that makes it feel like it is 30 below zero!  Like many horse owners, I worry about whether they are staying warm. This...

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Horse Management Small Property

Horse Management on Small Property

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