Flower Garden

I’m buried again under emails, messages, editing, and delivering some products.  When my tasks bottleneck like this, I find the best thing I can do is take a few photographs as inspiration and then get to work on the mountain in front of

What’s inspiration without a challenge?  I went out in midday sun and photographed some of the plants that I planted this year.   This is the first year in a long time that I have been able to really garden in the 16 years that we have been here.

Macro Photography

I’ve found that it is easier to deal with midday harsh light if I shoot with a macro lens or long lens, using fairly wide apertures.  This helps soften the background and creates texture out of the spottiness of the sun.

Macro Photography Tips

When doing macro photography, always remember, it is not about simply photographing something close up.  It is very important to make sure that your photography has visual interest.  Visual interest can involve elements of composition such as the rule of thirds or leading lines but also pay special attention to textures, complementing colors, beautiful light and even motion.

Gardening DIY

I planted many white and burgundy sweet pea seeds.  I placed them in some hanging planters around my front porch.  They do well in shade.  I am having some issues with them flowering, so I hope to update on their progress later….

sweet pea


I built an obelisk this year for my flower garden.  I planted two knockout roses on each side and a blue rose (lavender) in the front.  These were very small when purchased, so I expect them to get larger and “climb” the obelisk within the next few years.

rose bud

Behind the obelisk, I planted a hops vine.  It has managed to climb all the way to the top.  I will update on that once the “fruit” of the plant appears.  It is a great vine, very fast growing.  Unfortunately it is not a perennial, but I think I want to make this an every year planting.


I have three butterfly plants growing in the garden this year.   This is a perennial, and I paired the orange with purple clematis that we should see next spring.

butterfly plant

I adore dahlias.  I have grown them before but only as annuals.  I planted several types of dahlias this year; however, I put them in pots all over the deck.  My goal is to try to pull the tubers at the end of the summer and try to store them for next year.  Hopefully they will become perennials for me.

nature macro


A wonderful find this year was Irish moss.  I have a bit of a rock garden area in front of the house, and I’ve always wanted to plant something in it.  The Irish moss has taken nicely and grows tiny white flowers…

irish moss

Also in the rock garden, I moved my lavender plants when we created pastures for the horses.  They are doing wonderfully in the rocks.  In fact, I ended up planting six more that are thriving.  I do have to say, growing lavender from seed is very difficult.  I tried my hand at that this spring and out of about 30 seeds planted, I have five nice sized plants that I will be moving in with the rest soon.

I happened to spot a honeybee while checking out the lavender this morning.

honey bee on lavender


My goals for my flower gardening is to only purchase perennials (with occasional annuals for fun).  I want to be able to give minimal time for upkeep, and have the flowers come back every year.  I will post some more informational posts later on and show some of the other plantings.  Some of the other perennials I now have in the garden are:

  • Blackbeard
  • Delphinium
  • Painted Daisies
  • English Ivy
  • Trumpet Vine
  • Pink Honeysuckle
  • Clematis
  • Sempervivum
  • Dragon’s Blood Ground Cover
  • Periwinkle

So far, so good with all of these.  I purchased these at Direct Gardening.  They were very small plants and very inexpensive,  but they have all done incredibly well.  I definitely recommend purchasing from there; however, small plants do require quite a bit of attention, and it is important to plant early in the season to get them well established.