Perennial Seed Harvest

So adding to the typical busy season, it’s busy at home as well!  Perennial Seeds!  So much to do for the end of the growing season.  I am just about finished harvesting some flower seeds.  While I am all about perennials, I have some areas  I would like to expand and harvesting the seeds makes it completely free to plant more perennials (and a few annuals).

balloon flower seeds

I carefully cut dried flower heads and placed them on paper plates.  Once dry, I folded the paper plates in half and dumped everything into jars. These are from balloon flowers.  My mother and I will be trading seeds – she has blue and I have white.  I can’t wait to plant these next year.

Next is – shake the jar and the seeds will fall to the bottom.  These will be stored in labeled paper envelopes in my garden storage.

rescue catOne warning – if you have pets, do not let them near the seeds or flower heads.   Some of these are very poisonous to pets and could even kill them.

By the way, this is one of our rescue cats, Batman.  Who knew we would be adding three more to our family at the same time!  More on them later…

Revisiting the lavender.   All has been harvested at last!dried lavender

I made a few smudge sticks, and so far, they are so much better than store bought.  They smell amazing.  I also grew the sage which I plan to continue to grow indoors this winter.homemade diy smudge sticks

I grew catnip outside this summer (if you grow it inside, the cats will destroy it while it is growing!) so I dried some and the cats absolutely love it.  (This is Velociraptor, one of the bottlefed cats that Erynn took care of that became ours…)  All the cats had quite the party this morning.dried catnip