Garden Deck Decor, Repurposed Benches

I love to upcycle or repurpose. I’ve been wanting some containers to grow some lettuce and small carrots near the house.  I noticed when I had my gourmet lettuces growing in the garden, I would forget about them and not use them until they got too big and bitter.   I’m going to try this method closer to the house for convenience.

diy upcycled bench

Remember the kitchen banquette I made out of my old kitchen table?  I still had two benches left over from the original kitchen set.  The wood on the top of the bench, I believe is oak.  It is really heavy and I have plans for those soon, but I wanted to use the base of the benches for something.  I also had old cheap fence wood “pickets” that were scrap.  This project is small but turned out to be completely free.

I removed the tops and then created a box out of the scrap wood to sit on top.  I did fill that gap in with another strip of wood.  I added corners using the odd shaped top of the pickets cut in half.  Then painted.repurposed bench

garden bench

Filled with a mix of peat moss and top soil and simply sowed the seeds and watered.  Now we will have a little fun fall crop to harvest.

garden deck boxes

growing carrots

cold weather garden