Last year, I made a mistake of not starting my seeds early enough for the vegetable garden. I mean, it didn’t turn out bad, but the cold weather vegetables could have been started much earlier and my tomatoes took forever to be ready! This year, I decided to start the first week of February.

where to buy seeds

I ordered my seeds from Eden Brothers who I highly recommend.   I’m growing the following this year from seed.

Lots…. sure… most of the herbs I do indoors using grow lights on my kitchen table…. I love these grow lights!grow lights and seeds

I have two different types.  These are the clip on style grow lights.

I had such a hard time growing seeds during winter until I purchased these.  They are doing wonderfully now.


growing seeds germination


grow lights indoorsI set up another grow light situation in my dining room.  I used hardware cloth around to keep the cats from biting off the tops of my seedlings.  I was growing so well last year and then I came in one day and they were all beheaded! lol!

This is a hanging grow light.  I absolutely LOVE the amount of light that comes from this one.  This is where I am starting my vegetable seeds.

About a week ago, I planted broccoli, cauliflower, and four different types of tomato seeds in peat pods.  If you have never used peat pots, they are the way to go!


These peat pods come as tiny disks.

Buy more than you need.  It can’t get any easier than this.  You can purchase peat pods with trays I don’t do this.  I have enough trays and other items in the house I can use as trays.  I don’t need to store these for 10 months of the year!peet pods

Place the peat pods in a tray of water and they will expand.  Plant your seed in the hole on top, and keep the tray watered on the bottom.  They are like sponges and give the seeds the perfect amount of water and stay moist.  Within a week to a week and a half, seedlings emerged.

growing vegetables from seed indoors

Last year, I kept the peat pods in lines and I knew which lines were which vegetable, but when my cats decapitated my seedlings, they also moved the pods around and I lost track.  This year, I decided to color code toothpicks.  I have the colors referenced on a spreadsheet to identify vegetables and their types. growing in seed pods

I’m ready to plant more this week!