Small Property Management & Sustainability

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Small Property Management &  Sustainability

An artist and photographer by trade, I found many years ago I enjoyed blogging and taking pictures of the every day.  Eventually I began having conflicts where business and personal did not mesh well.  Pretty soon, I found myself on a completely different course that involved going back to college and working in corporate world, uprooting myself from my commercial studios.  Eventually I came full circle and back to my home base.   I’m still not sure how I got here.  Life is weird like that.

I’ve always wanted to have large property and live a more natural-type of life, growing our own food, taking care of our many animals, but it just wasn’t happening.  Between working 60 hours per week in my studio, and then nearly that in corporate world with commuting, there was no time left…. until I found myself starting over with my small business, swearing I will control it to not be clocking overtime…… and I’m now on a budget.  I’m a creative, and I had no idea that being on a budget would allow me to be more creative than ever – but in different ways.

I’m very happy living a peaceful existence, a simpler existence, but I haven’t yet gotten my big property….. so this blog revolves around small property management and how it is possible to make excellent use of it!…. we only have a little over two acres.  We are nestled in the cornfields, rural, but within an hour from a major city.  


Horses on Small Acreage/Property

One of my main concentrations here at My Faux Farm is horses on small property.  When I was forced to take a step back due to the lasting effects of the economy, technology, social media, and the like, I had to bring our three horses to our property as we needed to squeeze our expenses, and horse board had become quite the hemorrhage.  I can feel you cringe at the idea of three horses on two acres!  Yes, really, we are doing it, and it’s working surprisingly well.  You are welcome to follow this journey of managing horses on small property.  I am out to share the good and the bad, our successes and failures.

Something that is most important with horses on small acreage – We have sustainable practices with the horses and fully compost all of the manure.  You would not believe how easy it is to find uses foro a good wheelbarrow full per day!

Gardening & Chickens

Another concentration here at My Faux Farm is the gardening and chickens.  I mix them together! 😉  It’s a balance, it truly is, but it’s working well.

Chickens:  We have our chickens for eggs.  In the past, we had our time hatching eggs and ended up with way more than we should have, so now we have some good producers and keep it simple, no more than 10 chickens at any given time.  Small property is just fine with chickens – this has never been an issue.

Gardening:  The first time I gardened, it was a disaster.  Who knew that all I had to do was water the darn thing!   I planted and left it alone and got too busy to care.  Now, I start my plants from seed and let me tell you, nature is just simply amazing.  Water and sun!

Farm to Table:  Now we are canning and dehydrating our self-grown food.

Instant Pot Recipes!

Homegrown food needs to be cooked!  On a budget and living simply means – let’s not waste it, let’s put it to good use!  I feel for it… I fell for that cursed Instant Pot, but you know what?  The Instant Pot changed my life!

The Cooking for Real Life recipes (some Instant Pot and some not), have been a surprisingly successful series here at my Faux Farm.  I think we all are looking for easy (may even consider lazy ;)) cooking that is downright good and healthy!

DIY Renovations & Home Projects

I think being on a budget can be a positive for the creatives.  It causes us to think out of the box and really figure out what our creative capabilities really are!

I can’t believe what I have gotten into recently.  If you told me years ago, I would be building closets and a window seat, entire new kitchen seating and table, and many other fairly large tasks, I would have never believed you!  But hey, I’m having so much fun!

…..and more….

I’m working  hard around here and I will be adding all kinds of new adventures, and you never know what you will find here.  Pretty soon, you will find security camera reviews, solar power on a small scale, and even beekeeping!

If you have anything you’d like to see me cover or a question about anything that I’m doing or have done, please send me a message.  I’d love to chat!

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!  

So remember…. I have no special skills or experience doing all of this on this small property – I’m just a nobody with the desire to make things pretty, efficient, and as sustainable as possible….if I can do it, you can do it! I’m living in a way that I always wanted to. I never thought it was possible until now! 🙂

Who We Are….

On a personal note, I’m Jodie, I’ve been married to my husband, Dean, for over 22 years. We have two grown children.  Barrett is our oldest and he holds a degree in computer science.  He is an amazing programmer and is always there to help out with technical things I seem to be too old to understand 😉   Erynn has just begun her college journey, studying biochemistry with an interest in genetics.  She runs her own rabbitry.  Also, if there is an animal in need, she’s the one to rescue and care for at the drop of a hat  – it makes life rather interesting around here.

About Us

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